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The electrical power industry produces and delivers electric power (electric energy). Demand for electricity is derived from the requirement for electricity to operate domestic appliances, office equipment, industrial machinery and domestic and commercial lighting, heating, cooling and industrial processes. In that context, public supply of electrical power is viewed as part of the infrastructure. The basic requirements of the electrical power industry are an efficient power distribution system and reduced downtime.

ARC Informatique offers solutions that efficiently monitor and control power generation systems remotely. We support higher-quality service, improved productivity, reduced downtime and reduced operating expenses.

PcVue Solutions can monitor and control any kind of plant for power generation and distribution, from simple generators to large-scale transmission lines. The electrical power industry is expanding into renewable energy sources. Modern interest in development of renewable energy is linked to concern about greenhouse gases from fossil fuels and about the environmental, social and political risks of continuing use of those fossil fuels and nuclear energy. This constant evolution of the electrical power industry requires efficient and reliable systems and for this reason software for SCADA, HMI and automation is playing an increasingly important role in this sector.

Strengths in Energy
  • Built-in time stamped protocol – data discrimination
  • Control for electrical distribution protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, Modbus TCP/IP etc.)
  • Network behavior simulation
  • Monitoring and running standby supplies
  • Archiving and reporting (via SQL Server) for diagnosis in case of electrical network failure
  • 2D/3D graphic library and ISO objects for electrical distribution environment (circuit breaker, switch, etc.)
  • Redundant architectures for high availability systems, data acquisition and backup
  • Event management for real time and historical data
  • Graphic animations with specific color-to-object coding
  • Dynamic busbar coloring
Energy Management Solutions

PcVue announces it entered a partnership with TinBox Energy Software to market its innovative WellTrak™ Software in the US. The solution enables Exploration and Production companies to meet regulatory requirements, reduce liability, and streamline gas production.

PumpjacksSCADA benefits to production operations are well established. The PcVue WellTrak™ solution consolidates real-time measurement, laboratory gas composition and calibration history from flow computers and electronic flow measurement devices for a true “intelligent measurement” solution.

Deployed as either a complete SCADA system, or a component of existing systems, this produces clean, valid and auditable production reports via a desktop application or mobile devices.

Securing and validating audit trails at the source is a cornerstone of Sarbanes/Oxley and other regulatory compliance. Validated and auditable data for production accountants enables accurate calculation or re-calculation of volumes and quality of gas or liquids within minutes.

WellTrak™ enables field operations to manage balances and nominations. The system also enables field allocation of sales volumes, whether by energy or volume.

“Elimination of losses from production accounting and improving production operations has a rapid ROI.” said Frank Tarbox, TinBox Energy President. “The protection against lawsuits and government actions due to inaccurate production reporting are important in the US as well as Canada.”

“We are extremely pleased to offer WellTrak™,” said Edward Nugent, Business Development Director for PcVue. “We’ve seen the value to Canadian E&P’s and are excited to bring it to the US oil & gas market.”