ACE4600 IP Gateway

Powerful and Flexible Network Connections

This gateway is a powerful and flexible option to facilitate network connections; it serves as a front-end processor to interface between your RTUs and SCADA control center computer(s). Based on the same expandable, modular, and secure hardware as the ACE3600 RTU, its enhanced software enables:

  • Seamless connection between the Motorola Data Link Communication (MDLC) protocol and standard TCP/IP
  • Instant access to all RTUs in the network, so the control center can collect real-time field data and manage remote sites
  • Client/server architecture to efficiently distributee data among multiple clients, control centers and RTUs
  • Redundant configurations for network stability
  • Easy integration of the SCADA software using and API that works with virtually any master control center that uses an industry standard operating system
  • Security features including MDLC encryption, IP firewall, and dynamic IP conversion table updates