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Process Automation and Communication for Greater Operational Control

With costs continuing to be a major obstacle to oftentimes much-needed infrastructure upgrades, you must look to technologies that can create gains in efficiency and productivity. Improve the speed and accuracy of your operations by securely automating field processes with Motorola Solutions' ACE remote terminal units (RTUs), a product line built on a history of MOSCAD success. Further expand your control by integrating the RTUs with your two-way radio system or a combination of almost any other network for encompassing data communication. Our solutions help you reduce operational downtime, optimize infrastructure efficiency and keep personnel out of potentially dangerous situations - maximizing the productivity, safety and profitability of your business.

ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit

The Operations-Critical SCADA Solution

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are continuously relied on to support the most demanding industrial applications and keep your operations running efficiently. Keep your assets connected to enhance productivity and safety across your operations with the ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

Motorola ACE3600

ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit

SCADA Simplified for Less Complex Applications

Whether there is a leaking pipe or a damaged power grid breaker miles away from your control center, you need to know about it as soon as possible. The sooner you get the information, the faster you can fix the problem and avoid negative consequences..

Motorola ACE1000

ACE4600 IP Gateway

Powerful and Flexible Network Connections

This gateway is a powerful and flexible option to facilitate network connections; it serves as a front-end processor to interface between your RTUs and SCADA control center computer(s). Based on the same expandable, modular, and secure hardware as the ACE3600 RTU.

Motorola ACE IP Gateway

Oil and Gas operations around the world depend on our Industrial IoT solutions. RTUs and M2M modems can be used for the many gas installations that require flow calculations required by American Gas Association (AGA) standards. Deploy solutions along oil pipelines to perform pressure monitoring and control using Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) based control routines and control cathodic protection rectifiers and other industry technologies across your operations. We even offer models certified to Factory Mutual Class 1, Division 2 standards for safe operation in potentially hazardous areas.

Oil & Gas Application

When operating a pipeline spanning great distances over vast and varied terrain there are many environmental and technical challenges. One challenge CTH Systems has been involved in solving is remote communications that are secure and reliable over the entire pipeline for block valve control at river crossings. The environmental regulations addressing the potential of a leak into the water are many. The financial impact of a failure can be huge in addition to the public perception.

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Solution Story - Block Valve Application

Oil and gas operations require remote control for production wellheads, along long pipelines and at valves located at difficult-to-access sites. This industry must maintain the strictest safety measures to prevent and detect leakages or fire at remote installations. Thus each site must be supervised via RTUs with communications to one or more control centers. RTUs in gas installations calculate gas flow according to AGA-3, AGA-7, AGA-8, and other standard formulas, while RTUs along oil pipelines perform analog pressure control using PID loops to monitor cathodic protection rectifiers, flow meters, and more.

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Solution Story - Corporation of Delta

Corporation of Delta is a city located in the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada with a population of 97,000. The physical square area (100 sq km) is considered large compared to most other cities in the lower mainland. The city maintains and operates their own SCADA system for water, waste water and drainage.

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Industrial IoT solutions can oversee the continuous monitoring and control of water facilities, providing immediate problem detection and resolution. Well pumping can be automatically adjusted for water quality or energy costs and reservoir volumes and system pressures can be regulated to maximize the efficiency of the delivery system. Operators alerted to line breaks, equipment failures and possible unauthorized water use can react quickly to maintain the highest level of productivity. Our solutions are also routinely used to monitor and control the collection of waste water delivered to treatment facilities

Water Application

Among the goals commonly cited by municipal and private water utilities worldwide are cost savings due to reduction of unaccounted-for-water, maintenance cost reduction, lift station early problem detection, energy and chemical material cost reduction, deferment of expansions due to more optimal operation, etc. Motorola's wireless and wired data communication based RTUs provide solutions to these and other applications. They can be configured to monitor the flow in pipelines and improve regulation of pressure using Pressure Regulated Valves, cut down on unnecessary consumption, and reduce water losses. RTUs collect real-time information on reservoir levels and pump operation, communicating report-by-event based data that helps maintain a reliable supply and stable pressure.

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Case Study - Overcoming Challenges for Better Water Control

Managing the water supply for a large, geographically diverse area is not an easy task. Find out how powerful, flexible SCADA improved water quality and management for this Western United States county.

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Case Study - Integrating Networks to Enable Better Voice and Telemetry

Find out how Southeast Belarus Oil & Gas company Belorusneft improved voice and data communication across their operations with MOTOTRBO and SCADA.

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Whitepaper - Cyber Security Solutions to meet Water Secotr Requirements
TIndustrial Control Systems (ICS) and related Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems have improved water and wastewater operations by providing increased reliability and service for their customers. As costs have declined, ICS have been used more and more for process monitoring and control, which has made the water sector, and other critical infrastructures like energy, transportation and agriculture, more vulnerable to accidental cyber events or targeted cyber attacks.

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Whitepaper - Protecting our Critical Utilities with Integrated Control Systems
The wellbeing and security of all nations depends on the availability of critical infrastructure, such as the electric grid, water supply infrastructure,
oil and gas facilities and public warning systems, which are often managed using Integrated Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or other similar types of control systems.

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