About Us


A leader in Canada since 1973

CTH Systems represents a diverse range of innovative and technologically advanced industrial products. These range from industrial computers and operator terminals to remote terminal units (RTUs) with SCADA / HMI programming and data acquisition software.

Some of our key customer industries include:

  • Oil & Gas Pipe Line
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Waste Water & Water Treatment

CTH Systems Inc. is a Value Added Reseller who solves client problems by delivering definitive, user-friendly solutions in product data management applications. Unlike a distributor or rep where products simply go in one door and out the other, we offer customers the added benefits of our experience - whether it be in the form of training, technical support or application assistance.

Vision Statement

Within the next two years we will be a revolutionary team freeing quality data in the Oil & Gas industry

Mission Statement

We are deeply passionate about providing quality data anytime and anywhere

Motorola RTU Installs


Total Installs = 1300

Advantages for the Water/WasteWater Industry

Motorola Solution's broad-based design, manufacturing, and engineering capabilities give the ACE3600 the distinct advantage of having the Radio, CPU, I/O, and Power System all under the single Motorola Solutions label

  • 35+ years of Motorola SCADA Solutions to the Water/Wasterwater Industry
  • Over 120,000 RTUs worldwide
  • Motorola Solutions 75 year commitement to cutting edge technology

Motorola RTU Installs

Block Valve Applications - Pipelines

Total Installs = 158

Oil & Gas Safety

  • Continuosly monitor, measure, and control different aspects of the production, refining, transporstation, storage, and distribution of oil and gas
  • Measure oil and gas flow rates per American Gas ASsociation (AGA) standards, accumulated flows, line and wellhead pressures
  • Analyze, coordinate, and control with enhanced system monitoring to manage oil spills, leakeage and fire detection, and emergency shut down procedures

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