Smart radio for smart networks

Be Smart. Choose the Aprisa

The Aprisa SR family: smart, secure, narrow band point-to-multipoint radios for SCADA and telemetry applications.

Aprisa SR Applications

  • There are applications for the Aprisa SR throughout electricity, water and oil and gas communications:
  • Low voltage distribution automation: automatic reclosers, load break switches, fault indicators, transformers
  • AMI / AMR: low density data concentrator backhaul
  • Measuring flow, pressure, reservoir and intake levels
  • Controlling well, lift, booster and pump stations
  • Measuring casing pressures, temperatures, gas lift and flow valve positions
  • Controlling shutdown and segmenting valves


Aprisa SR+ Applications

There are applications for the Aprisa SR+ throughout electricity, renewable and the smart grid, including:

  • Smart grid: concentrator communications and GPRS replacement
  • AMI / AMR: high density data concentrator backhaul
  • Renewables: wind farm, tidal, hydro automation
  • Measurement, control and protection in MV / HV distribution / transmission
  • Co-generation and community energy storage monitoring and control in distributed storage and generation
  • Fibre substitution in substation and feeder automation upgrades